There seems to be a problem with your Ultimate Locator's license.

License Validation Failed
The server's Domain Name, IP or Directory did not pass.

Owned Licenses
Ultimate Locator v3.3
release date: Feb 06, 2011

Ultimate Locator v3.3

Ultimate Locator, the most trusted name in locator solutions, is the next generation zip code locator system. It is a professional-grade PHP solution at an incredible value and is trusted by hundreds of small, medium and large sized companies around the globe.

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Services and Options
Copyright Removal
This allows you to remove the copyright and links that get printed at the bottom of the output pages. Allows for an unbranded locator to be installed.

Professional Installation
If you don't have experience installing php programs or if you haven't the time, our techs can install the software on your server, typically within 24-48 hours. For a quick and easy installation, let us perform this task.

Hosting Service
Get your locator hosted on our servers for as little as $14.95 per month (when paid yearly). We'll handle all installation and setup tasks of the software and get your locator online in no time.

Premium Support
Premium Technical Support Subscription (renewed annually)

Troubleshooting Service
Have a problem with your Ultimate Locator? Then you can opt to purchase this one-time support plan that will allow our techs to go into your current installation and troubleshoot your issues.

Zip Code Data
Canadian Postal Codes August 2010
Over 830,000 August 2010 Canadian Postal Codes are included within this dataset. Save time and money by using our pre-formatted files. No hassle importing, means you spend less time working with datasets.

USA Zip Codes April 2010
USA Zip Code files to update your free USA database of zip codes to the April 2010 issue. Save time and money by using our pre-formatted files. No hassle importing, means you spend less time working with datasets.

Self Help: Fix this issue yourself
You will need to reissue your license. Here's what do to...

The reason you are getting this invalid license message is because your license holds your server details, including Domain Name, IP and Directory. Each time you login to your Admin Panel, your locator system sends over real-time details about your server and performs a validation check. When there is a mis-match, with your server and your license, you get this error.

Steps to correct the issue:

  • Login to your Member Account at
  • Click on 'Customer Area'. Click on 'View My Orders & Packages'. Find your Ultimate Locator order and click on the 'Licenses' link for it.
  • You'll see your License Key Code and the Status. It should say 'Active (Reissue)' for it's Status. Click on the 'reissue' link to reissue your license and to release the current server details for registering again at your new host.
  • Try logging into your Admin Panel again, and your current server details should be applied to your license, resolving the issue.
That should clear this up, but if you continue to have issues, please open a new Support Trouble Ticket in our eSupport Center here: